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Business Coaching

At core, my coachings consist of solution-focused and result-oriented reflection processes for practical challenges in companies.

I have nearly 20 years of executive training at private universities for active professionals and in the area of consulting. Since 2003, I have been working with executives and high potentials from my partner companies within the scope of coaching processes. Each executive coaching process is an exciting journey leading to new possible courses of action.

Dr. Christoph Niehus

At a glance

+++ Track record Experience as an operative executive and managing director of companies and foundations (> € 100 million) +++ Senior Consultant Business Risks +++ Professor of International Management & Economics +++ Director of the Executive MBA Programme for Active Professionals +++ Entrepreneur +++ Executive Coach +++ Mediator for business conflicts accredited by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hanseatic Bar Association +++ Lecturer for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management +++ Managing director of Flunx Media GmbH +++

+++ Continuing education Around two courses per year in the interest of my coachees +++ Currently additional training modules for business coaching with the seal of approval of the German Association for Coaching and Training e.V. (dvct) +++ Trained moderator for change processes +++ Lectures and podium contributions on various topics +++ Several publications +++

+++ University Education Studied Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke with a focus on Behavioural and Institutional Economics +++ Research Assistant at the University of California, Berkeley +++ Visiting Scholar at Yale University, New Haven +++ Study of Mediation at the FernUniversität Hagen +++ Doctorate on adaptive teams in the Law & Economics Research Training Group at the University of Hamburg +++

Main topics of my executive coaching sessions

Own & others' interpretation variants of acting, thinking & feeling
(New) roles
Management responsibility, position, functions & tasks
Improving relationships, honing leadership skills
Increasing business
Jointly developing concrete ideas & concepts (consulting)


Companies receive content about my coachings

One-on-one appointments
and e-coaching

My coaching processes often start with one-on-one meetings. To increase flexibility and when there is physical distance separating us, we use web conferencing solutions and remote whiteboarding.


Shared responsibility in coaching processes

As a coach, I assume responsibility for coaching processes. As coachees, your managers and employees learn to take responsibility for themselves, for their contributions, contents, conclusions and decisions. I tailor each coaching process to effectively address personal and business issues.

Initial discussion
What do you hope to achieve in your company by way of coaching?
We reach an agreement that suits your company
I guide your Executives and High Potentials through our coaching processes
We look at the impact we've made and work on improving ourselves together

My path to executive coaching

How I became an Executive Coach many years ago and what I enjoy about this work.

I look forward to speaking with you

Prof. Dr. Christoph Niehus c/o Flunx Media GmbH

Eppendorfer Landstr. 12, 20249 Hamburg, GER
+49 (0) 1778383444

Coachees start off from wherever they are standing.
They make use of that which is available to them.